Low Gap Dog Park Q&A


What is a dog park?
A community dog park is a fenced area designated for the off-lease use of residents and visitors who wish to exercise their dogs safely and allow them to socialize with other dogs. It offers shade, benches, water and disposal facilities for dog waste.

What are the community benefits?

  • A dedicated dog park promotes responsible dog ownership. It reinforces the efforts of local professionals, retailers, organizations, and others who promote animal welfare.
  • Dogs that get plenty of exercise and socialization are good dog citizens and neighbors. Dogs that get plenty of exercise are happier and healther than dogs that don’t get a chance to run and play. Exercised dogs are less likely to bark excessively, destroy property, and annoy neighbors and passers-by.
  • A dog park brings together dogs and dog owners in neutral territory. Dog owners have a place to meet other dog lovers and form new friendships.
  • A dog park offers elderly and disabled owners with an accessible place to exercise their companions. And a dog park provides a tool for realistic enforcement of dog control laws.

What is the purpose of the Low Gap Dog Park?

  • To promote the health and welfare of our community’s dogs by establishing an off-leash dog-park where well-mannered canine citizens may exercise and play in a clean and safe environment without endangering or annoying people, property or wildlife.
  • To offer an attractive and well-maintained fenced-in space for dog lovers and friends who uphold the park’s rules.
  • To partner with the City of Ukiah and the County of Mendocino to maintain and promote a park that will satisfy the needs of dog-owners and non-dog owners alike.

The City of Ukiah and the County of Mendocino have set aside a 1+ acre area of land at Low Gap Park as an off-leash dog park. This location is remote from any residential area and offers ample parking.

How can I help maintain Low Gap Dog Park?
You can make a tax-deductible donation in your name,  your favorite pet’s name, or your business.
Make checks payable to:

Mendocino County General Services
Attn: Low Gap Dog Park Fund
841 Low Gap Rd.
Ukiah CA 95482